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KATSUMI KOUSAN is a real estate company established in year 1979, dealing with residential and commercial, lands and buildings. We assist and guide our customers to reach their best results achieving with their real estate demands for buying, selling and renting. Based on our experience and achievements of over 40 years of company history, we proudly provide our service to earn your trusts and smiles.

Seto Inland Sea

“From Okayama to friends in the world” Tooru Torigoe – Chairman

“Sunny Country” Okayama is the birthplace of Kibi culture from ancient times, and has evolved into a trinity of culture, economy, and industry as a hub of transportation to North, South, East and West of Japan. To Tottori prefecture and Shimane prefecture in the north side through the Chugoku Mountains, to Shikoku District through over the Seto Big Bridge which sandwiches the Seto Inland Sea, to the west to Hiroshima prefecture and Yamaguchi prefecture to Kyushu district, and to the east to the Kansai Economic Area of Hyogo prefecture and Osaka prefecture, play the role as a base of the nodal point and distribution. Blessed with the warm weather of the Setouchi (the Seto inland sea district), fruits such as peaches and grapes and Bizen pottery, the original rich land patterns are still alive there. In addition, there are zero nuclear power plants, almost no active faults, and natural disasters are very few., because of the protection by the Shikoku Mountains and the Chugoku Mountains. Natural conditions of the terrain are the most valuable benefit there. By all means, Okayama is a place you must visit at least once.

Wake-cho's famous Fuji-dana

If you are interested in real estates in Japan, not only around our hometown of Wake town nor Okayama prefecture, but also the nation-wide Japan, we are able to assist you to find a property that fits to your criteria. Please feel free to contact us.

Please feel free and ask us for any real estate relating matter.

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